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FAQ for Submissions:

What are the submission dates for 2022/2023?

Winter 2022: November 10, 2021
Spring 2022: February 9, 2022
Summer 2022: May 4, 2022
Fall 2022: August 10, 2022
Winter 2023: November 9, 2022

How do I get something specific highlighted in my article?

  • If you would like a sentence or phrase highlighted from your article, please make it known in the submission!

How should I submit my article?

  • Please submit as a PDF or Word Document ONLY

Who do I send my submission to?

I have pictures with my article, how do I submit them?

  • Send Photos Separately from submission (to keep quality) to [email protected] & Please add captions for all pictures sent.

My local news station wrote an aricle about my school, how do I submit the article?

How will viewers know what part of NYS my article is from?

  • Please include the region when identifying people, keeping in mind that this magazine is being sent to people throughout NY State who may not know who people are and what area in the state they come from.